Reflection – Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – October 13, 2019

Reflection: Gratitude Once there was a young man, who had never thought of donating blood. But then his father got very ill and was hospitalized. One day the son was sitting by his father’s bedside as he was getting a blood transfusion. As he watched the blood flowing into his father’s veins, he suddenly realized [...]

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Reflection – Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 15, 2019

Prayer for the lost lamb Lord Jesus, we pray for the sheep that are lost But our hearts go out especially to the lost lambs. Have mercy on the human wolves who steal, exploit, and sometimes kill the lambs of the Father’s flock; Help them to see the horror of what they are doing. Comfort [...]

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Reflection – Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 18, 2019

  True and false peace A swamp may look nice on the surface But its depths are full of rotten things. Peace that is based on injustice is like that. It is a false peace and Jesus came to disrupt it. But then there is true peace- A peace in which all of God’s children [...]

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Reflection – The Most Holy Trinity – June 16, 2019

God is watching over us. Nowadays, thanks to the security camera, We are often being watched, Watched by cold, dispassionate eyes, intent only on catching us in wrong-doing. The feeling that someone is watching us is not a pleasant feeling. But the feeling that someone is watching over us is a lovely feeling. God is [...]

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Reflection: The vocation to love

The deepest wound of all is that which affects the heart: The feeling that one has not been loved, The one is not precious to anyone. Each of us can do something to heal their wounds We have hands that can make things, And minds that can understand things. But above all we have hearts [...]

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