Dear sisters and brothers,

Jesus says, ‘Be compassionate—Do not judge—Do not condemn—Treat others as you would like them to treat you.’ These words are taken from today’s Gospel. How many of us could say that we treat others in this way? (pause) The Lord himself shows us the way.

Because of the great success on the battlefield, David was very popular with the people. As a result, Saul saw him as a threat and sought to kill him. The first Reading contains the moving story of how David had an opportunity to kill Saul, but refused to do so because in his eyes Saul, as king of Israel, was a sacred person.

The passage prepares us for the Gospel, which contains Jesus’ injunction to love our enemies. Jesus goes on to stress the obligations of fraternal charity. The ideal of love to which his followers must aspire is that of God             himself. We are to love as God loves.

Jesus’ vision of human behavior is at such variance with the view most people have, that many people regard it as humanly unachievable, and therefore ignore it. From a human point of view it is unachievable. Divine help is needed.

Peace and Everything good!

Fr. Valery Burusu

Parochial Administrator