Is 58:7-10, I Cor 2: 1-5, Mt 5: 13-16

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are Christ’s disciples. As such we are called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This is a wonderful task but a difficult one. Let us reflect on how much we need God’s help if we are to be faithful.

Matthew has already introduced Jesus as the light of a darkened world. Now the function of enlightening and guiding a morally confused humanity is shared with his disciples.

In the ancient world, salt was one of the most important necessities of life, especially for preserving and seasoning food. So too was light for obvious reasons. We shouldn’t turn salt and light into allegories. They are just images. Both images are making the same point: Jesus’ disciples have a vital role to play in the world through their good deeds. When the disciples stop witnessing through their deeds, they become as useless as salt that has lost its taste or a lamp that doesn’t give light.


Reflection: Let your light shine

The most important thing about each of us

Is our capacity for goodness.

We can be a source of light.

We have hands that can care,

Eyes that can see,

Ears that can hear,

Tongues that can speak,

Feet that can walk,

And above all hearts that can love.

Unfortunately, though laziness, selfishness,

and cowardice, our light can be dimmed,

so that we become shadows of the people we could be.

Lord, help us to believe in our own goodness,

and to let the light of that goodness shine.

On seeing this light others find their way,

and you will be glorified.


Peace and all good!

Fr. Valery Burusu

Parochial Administrator