Is 2: 1-5, Rom 13: 11-14, Mt 24: 37-44

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today we begin a new Liturgical year, the liturgy invites us to come to the house of God, so that God may teach us his ways and help us to walk in his light. As we gather in the house of God, let us reflect on how much we need God’s guidance and help.

Advent is divided into two parts. The first part, which runs from December 1 to December 16, focuses on the final coming of Christ. The second part, which runs from December 17 to December 24, focuses on the first coming of Christ at Bethlehem.

The liturgy turns to the passages in Scripture that speak of the two comings of Christ. The Old Testament readings center on the messianic hope of Israel as it takes shape and grows. The Gospel reading focuses on how the             messianic prophecies are fulfilled, and on his forerunner, John the Baptist.

Reflection: Encircling Prayer

In today’s second reading, we hear St. Paul say:

‘Let your armor be the Lord.’

Hence, we might pray as follows:

Circle me, Lord

Keep protection near; keep danger far

Circle me, Lord

Keep hope within; keep double without.

Circle me, Lord.

Keep light near, keep darkness afar.

Circle me, Lord.

Keep peace within; keep strife without.

Circle me, Lord,

Keep love within, keep hate without.



Peace and All good!


Fr. Valery Burusu

Parochial Administrator