Dear brothers and sisters,

God’s forgiveness is today’s theme. Our first reading (Exodus 32: 7-11, 13-14) takes us back to Moses, about 1300 years before Christ. The people of Israel had just escaped from Egypt and were going through the desert of Sinai on their way to the Promised Land. God had already made a covenant with them at Mt. Sinai, choosing them as his special people and demanding in return that they honor him as their God.

When God called Moses back to the top of Mt. Sinai to speak with him again, the people got into trouble. They fashioned for themselves a golden calf and worshipped it as their God. God is angry with his people. Notice, in speaking to Moses, he call them “your people.” Moses intercedes for the people and “convinces” God to be forgiving. His prayer displays total unselfishness. God, of course, forgives them. In the second reading we hear St. Paul describes what a sinful person he once was and how God was merciful to him (1 Timothy 1: 12-17). In today’s gospel, which is the entire fifteenth chapter of St. Luke, we hear three beautiful parables on God’s forgiveness (Lk. 15: 1-32).

Peace and everything good!

Fr. Valery Burusu

Parochial Administrator