Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 14, 2018

Wisdom 7:7-11, Hebrews 4:12-13, Mark 10:17-30


Dear sisters and brothers in the Lord,


Last Sunday we listened to readings about married life. This Sunday we have readings that speak about the interior life of anyone who wants to seek God with strong intensity, married or single. The first reading, from the Book of Wisdom, invites us to pray for prudent and wisdom, as did Solomon. Many times we Christians forget to pray for the virtues and gifts of the Lord that we really need. We can remember the story of Solomon, who asked for wisdom and not power. We too can ask for wisdom in our daily lives and prudence.

The second reading, from the Letter to the Hebrews, reminds us that God’s word will go to the depths of our souls and change us—if we allow that word to be at work within us. All we have to do is invite the word of God to dwell in us and our lives begin to change.

Today’s Gospel from Saint Mark perhaps sounds extreme to us, but anyone who wants to follow the Lord Jesus seriously understands the necessity of giving up everything else for His sake. Even if a person cannot give up everything right now, the person who begins to follow Christ and stays faithful in seeking Him finds out that everything must be abandoned for His sake.

At the end of today’s Gospel we find that everything is given back, but in the way of God, not in a human way. We must have a complete confidence that God will provide all that we need in every aspect of our lives. As that confidence grows, we are more and more able to give all that we have for the sake of following our Lord Jesus.

This Gospel has almost always been seen as an invitation, not as a commandment. It is the invitation of our Lord to discover the joy of following Him. It is the invitation of our Lord to trust Him completely. Perhaps, like this young man, we feel that we cannot do this all at once. Even if we cannot do it all at once, we can set out on this road and begin to experience what it means to give up what we have. We may not find it so impossible.

Let us pray this Sunday for the graces that each of us need to be faithful to this God who loves us in Jesus Christ.