Welcome to St. Mary’s Church

stmaryschurchThrough God’s grace, dedication, prayers, and hard work. St. Mary’s now has even better facilities to provide for its parishioners. Praise God for His many blessings and for all the good works he will perform.


  • With a sense of enthusiasm
  • With praise kindling the flame and keeping the fire alive
  • With joyful expression through music


  • By supporting and training teachers
  • By teaching and guiding people of all ages with excitement and enthusiasm
  • By making everyone feel a vital part of a church family nurturing self-esteem and love
  • By using the Bible as a basis for relevance in daily life

Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish – We’re so glad that you’re here! Living true to our mission, “Reaching out to people of all ages through Christian fellowship,” we are focusing on the future of our parish church and school, providing for the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the entire parish family and the community we serve.

To learn more about St. Mary’s Parish, we invite you to attend one of our daily/weekend Masses, stop by the parish office, and browse through the pages of this website. We know that in doing so you will discover the reasons why St. Mary’s Parish is a great place to be … our family looks forward to welcoming your family!

If you would like to become a member of St. Mary’s, please contact the parish office.