Protecting God’s Children

The national sexual-abuse prevention program “Protecting God’s Children” was adopted to provide free training to parishes, schools, and archdiocesan agencies to ensure a safe environment for our children. Developed by National Catholic Services, “Protecting God’s Children” is a comprehensive program that includes two video presentations that incorporate stories from victims of sexual abuse and their families, who speak about the impact that the abuse has had on them. In addition, the videos feature testimony from perpetrators of child abuse, who tell how they selected their victims and how they made the victims feel that the abuse was their own fault. The program also provides information on how to prevent situations that can lead to abuse, on what behaviors should raise concern about abuse, and on how to report abuse. Please visit our events calendar for listing of upcoming workshops in our Diocese.

Who Should Attend

If you are a member of the clergy, a diocesan employee (staff and ministries), or a volunteer in our churches, you are required to attend one program. All volunteers at St. Mary’s School are required to participate prior to any volunteering can be permitted. Please contact the school office for information on up-coming workshops in our area.

For more information, please contact the parish office.