Parish School of Religion

Public grade school students from grades 1-8 may receive religious education every Sunday, as well as preparation for the Sacraments through St. Mary’s Classes of Religion program. Parish School of Religion (PSR) will take place every Sunday morning at St. Mary’s School. See our events calendar to view the complete schedule.

To enroll, please complete the registration form and return it with payment to the St. Mary’s Parish office by dropping it off, mailing it, or placing it in the collection basket at Mass. No child will be denied a religious education due to a lack of funds. Please call us at the parish office if you are unable to pay for PSR. We look forward to your youth joining us for a great year of PSR as well as your involvement and support in the important task of teaching the Catholic faith to the children of our community.

Please note that adult parishioners are encouraged to get involved and provide assistance as instructors or leaders of special activities throughout the year. To volunteer, please visit our volunteer page.

For more information or to enroll your child, please contact the parish office.